Enhanced Pricing & Rebates for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Flintfox is natively integrated as a menu item inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Replacing the pricing and rebates calculations inside D365, Flintfox extends functionality to support complex pricing across the buy and sell side, enabling unlimited flexibility and centralised automation at speed and scale.

Extend your pricing capabilities with Flintfox

Extend your pricing capabilities with Flintfox

Transform the management of pricing, rebates, chargebacks, and sales tracking across all channels for both buy-side and sell-side — capabilities not provided out-of-the-box by Dynamics 365.

Developed from 30 years of pricing experience, Flintfox understands the intricacies of the pricing supply chain, ensuring a seamless flow of pricing and rebate information along the value chain.

Fluent in the specific pricing language of your industry, Flintfox is designed to boost efficiency and reduce the administrative burden of daily pricing operations.

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Supercharge D365 with Flintfox Performance Pricing & Rebate Engine

In today’s fast-paced market, businesses require both rapid and accurate pricing execution across multiple channels, devices and/or applications.

Our unmatched performance pricing and rebates engine, serves as a centralised hub to enhance Dynamics 365 capabilities.

With Flintfox, compromise between speed and transaction volume is a thing of the past. Our engine enables efficient and reliable pricing execution at scale, seamlessly integrating across any device, point-of-sale (POS), e-commerce (ECOMM), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Through a unified interface, Flintfox overcomes Dynamics 365’s inherent limitations and enables interoperability with non-Microsoft applications, ensuring consistent and accurate pricing across all your business channels.

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Execute Rebates with speed and precision with Flintfox Rebates and Trace Management

Reduce price leakage and remove errors when executing rebates with our stand-alone Rebates and Trace Management SaaS product.

Pay and claim rebates accurately and on time, with the ability to deduct and account for any returns. Match chargebacks as they are executed and validate sales trace and chargebacks with automated, pinpoint accuracy to improve cash flow.

‘None of the platforms that we looked at were suggested for the volume of prices we were projecting. We wanted to be able to generate millions of prices per day.’

Anna Kupchenko Director of IT Business Applications for Finance, SiteOne
SiteOne and Flintfox

‘We have better visibility of sales margins and greater accuracy invoicing that is saving the business time and improving our cashflow.’

Tim Moore COO, ANB Canada
ANB Canada

‘Flintfox and Microsoft helped us strategize how to better manage advanced pricing, promotion management, and complex supply chain pricing, as well as provide a roadmap for the future.’

Joshua Motsuenyane Chief Information Officer, Coca Cola Beverages Africa

‘With Flintfox for AX we have a solution that will not only manage our rebates and promotions effectively but will allow us to roll out a standard solution across all our companies around the world.’

Managing Director

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