Flintfox for sales teams

Ultimate pricing flexibility and up-to-the minute accuracy – anytime, anywhere

Create highly nuanced, highly accurate pricing and promotions on the spot based on today’s margin targets.

Rebate management
Automate payments and claims for speed and accuracy

Ditch the admin and let payments take care of themselves.

100% auditable and reportable

See how every price was calculated in a click.

Never miss out on revenue

Know exactly what you’ve been paid or what you’re owed and why.

Pricing Engine
Set up promotions up to one year ahead

And test them out before pushing them live.

See how promotions are performing

And adjust them at any point.

Never undercharge or overpay

Access accurate, up-to-date data for 100% accuracy.

Margin reporting
Real-time overview

Have complete real-time visibility of the latest margin targets.

Run sharable reports at a moment’s notice

Get a point in time snapshot at any given moment and generate clear forecasts for the future.

Plan ahead with a clear view

Deep dive into the detail and capitalise on every opportunity to drive more sales.

Omnichannel Pricing
Sharpen your focus

Have ultimate flexibility to create highly targeted price strategies for every customer, channel and product.

Accurate, on the spot calculations

Ditch the calculator and deliver accurate, up-to-date pricing for every scenario.

Make intricate adjustments in a click

Anytime, anywhere. No coding, no admin.

Tools that will transform your day-to-day

Automated calculations

Get fast, accurate calculations, anytime, anywhere.

Logic library

Create highly nuanced pricing strategies for each and every customer.

Price forecasting

Get a clear view of past, present and future performance.

Powerful pricing engine

Calculate 5,000 prices per second.

Comprehensive dashboard

Have complete visibility across every aspect of your pricing at all times.

No code solution

Cut hours of admin so you can focus on the big picture.

An out of the box solution that fulfilled 80% of our requirements, as well as its low cost relative to alternatives, and a wealth of industry expertise, made the Flintfox choice a no brainer!
Phil Hackney

Chief Operating Officer, The Very Group

Unleash your true potential today

Boost your business with a truly powerful pricing engine